$HMC Announces 1st EV For the Brand

Carbuzz headline: The Acura ZDX Will Be Reborn As The Brand’s First-Ever EV
AUG. 18, 2022 10:01 PM ET

Sub-headline: It will still be an SUV with a sporty version available.


The original Acura ZDX was one of the first “real” crossovers. It joined the likes of the BMW X6 in the budding crossover segment more than a decade ago. However, in 2013, just a few short years after the car’s '09 introduction, Acura binned the ZDX due to poor sales. Leaving the Acura RDX to be the only small sporty crossover, until now.

Acura announced today that the brand’s first fully-electric SUV will revive the ZDX name. On top of that, in order to “demonstrate its commitment to performance in the electrified era,” Acura will also launch the new ZDX with a Type S variant. Acura says the new SUV will look a lot like the Precision EV Concept we saw this morning, but told us that it is not the same as the concept. Instead, it will “translate several elements of design from it.”

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