HohumYNWA shipping basket - Oct 2022

Shipping basket per 10/31/22

Holding Val Inv Cap
TNP-E 3.16 2.03
NMM 8.86 6.39
GOGL 17.46 15.71
GSL 9.40 8.38
SBLK 14.61 14.68
ZIM 11.68 21.28
FLNG 17.17 8.43
GNK 10.95 12.28
BDRY 5.39 10.71
AMKBY 1.37 1.20

During Oct 2022, opted to realize gains (and losses) among the shipping ideas. Other than TNP-E & BDRY, all the other names were touched in
some fashion. Closed out the token GRIN stake - wonderful gains on a 3-month holding. The idea has been replaced with a “sorta” Maersk, an
unauthorized OTC version (for tracking pruposes). Actual shares on the
Copenhagen are in the $2050/sh range
ZIM got quite ugly, so I decided to harvest some losses and see if I can get back prior to the next earnings announcement. Harvested nice gains with
NMM and both losses and gains with GOGL & SBLK

Basket is now 16.44% of self-managed port