HohumYNWA's shipping basket April 2024

The fourth month is drawing to a close.
Some tweaking of the basket this month

  • Sold remainder of GSL in taxable ac. Token position in Roth ac
  • INSW nibble
  • GOGL nibble
  • LPG nibble
  • Sold 2 slices of FRO. Then repurchased one slice

New shipping idea on my radar - Hafnia Tankers (HAFN), which recently added a US listing.


As the month ends, the shipping basket finishes the month with

  1. FLNG - 28.86%
  2. FRO - 16.91%
  3. CLCO - 13.48%
  4. TRMD - 11.08%
  5. LPG - 10.50%
    The remaining 19.17% is spread across TNP-PreE, GOGL, GSL, INSW, DSX, STNG, ECO, HAFN.
    Actually, back out INSW with 7.87% and the remainder are each less than 4%
    I was thinking about that this month, particularly wrt to GSL. A couple of times during the month, I have considered closing out the Roth ac stake. What’s the hold-up? Too much cash in the Roth ac already.
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