How can I block or filter a community?

I have had enough of Saul’s board, I would prefer not to see posts from it in top / new. Is there a way to do that?

@ajm101 - I’m not sure that can be done. I’ve put the entire Category on Mute and Saul’s Board posts still pollute my Category feed.



You can mute any category. Go to the base level of SID, click the bell, and choose Muted. No more Sal


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Thank you, I’ve done so. Like @38Packard mentioned, I still see posted from the community under so there are some gaps in the muting feature.


Weird. It worked for me when I tested it. I just tested it again. Without the Mute, I see 11 Saul threads. With the Mute, I only see one thread. Looks like a bug.

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Man, I hear ya. You can’t pass wind in that group without being made a martyr of. Good luck in your quest.

I’m not sure about passing wind, but you can’t post there without being on a list of authorized posters. Some boards are casual, but that one is a totally serious investment board covering a very specific approach. I follow it, and I take advantage of what I learn there, but in no way do I know enough to contribute there productively. But I can easily see why someone not interested in it would need to not see it!


Before the change to the new way of doing things I was always amazed at how some of the messages had like 150-200 likes just overnight. This lead me to believe there are a lot more smarter folks than I am that can even understand what they were talking about. Another thing that bothered me about Saul’s was the “length” of some of the messages. If I chose to read some of them I estimate it would take a while to do it plus I wouldn’t have understood a thing they said. Another bothersome thing was the stocks they talked about. They always had stuff you never heard of and were typically growth stocks. Oh, well, my best wishes to the folks that enjoy his board. Also if you took a flyer on any of those stocks you had better be prepared for some wild swings in price.

They aren’t serious a serious investment board - they have been handed their rear ends for more than a year, and minimal introspection as to why that is the case. Anyone who points that out gets threatened with revocation of posting. Being a successful investor (historically successful, at least) doesn’t entitle you to be a jerk and I don’t want be subjected to the long winded, mean-spirited posts. I am pleased I can mute them. Furthermore, as a matter of principle, public board here should have open posting permissions and no member should get special treatment.


If you don’t want to see the top posts in the community, don’t click on Everything/top. It’s really that simple.