What hoops do I need to jump through to post replies and new topics?

I found the old version clunky and antiquated, but the new one is confusing, user-hostile, and counter-intuitive. Why not model it on a successful forum, rather than “improve” the wheel with a 37-sided polygon?

When the site was “upgraded,” I had been away for a while, and kept away longer when I discovered I could no longer post replies and topics any more in forums I was interested in, such as “Saul’s Investing Discussions.” It doesn’t look like I was being blocked for posting anything offensive, etc., so I figure it must have to do with the new format meaning new rules, BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT THOSE NEW RULES ARE, and I don’t have 3 hours or whatever to dig for them.

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You need to request access to be able to post on Saul’s board. There’s a link in the sidebar to the right that says “Request ability to post” and leads you here:


Click on the image button, and you’ll find a small text field where you can leave a message along with your request.

The reason is simple, but not easy to find. Here’s the announcement from over a year ago:


The new system takes a while to get used to but works fine. You can post new topics on most boards. Saul’s is the only exception i know.

And of course you can discuss his posts on plenty of other boards. Liquid Lounge, New Paradym Investing, etc.

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The only category that is restricted is Saul’s…that’s the only one where you need to request permission to post. All others are open and you should see the Green New Topic button to start a post. If you don’t see that button, take a screenshot so we can investigate.

Here are a couple of things that might help you get started:

New Discussion Boards Help Guide

Video Overview: New Community Overview Video

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Thanks to all of you for your very helpful replies.