How do I stop getting shown lots of stuff that I have no interest in?

I am very busy.

I select the boards that I care about and just want to monitor those.

If someone I respect suggests checking out somewhere new, then I may go visit.

I do not want some bot cluttering up my screen with links to boards I am not interested.

How do I make the Everything view only show the Topics and Tags that I care about?


You want to used Tracked, not Everything. Tracked shows any new posts of boards or threads you are tracking. You can change those being tracked by clicking the bell.

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Thanks for the prompt response, I get how Tracked is supposed to work……my question is how to shut off the noise from Everything?

I don’t want to be told there are 87 new messages in Everything.

I don’t want suggested topics from boards I don’t care about (at the bottom of threads I have read)


You cannot hide the message count on “Everything”, but you can minimize the COMMUNITY section in the sidebar. You can also click the hamburger to hide the whole sidebar.

The Suggested Topics below every topic can only be disabled site-wide by the admins.


I tried to combine Tracked and Latest, but clicking on Latest undid Tracked. Then, somehow, I found I was looking at a screen that had both! Not to look a gift horse in the mouse, I created another bookmark in my browser, pointing to:

But that is on the paid side. Here is what it should look like on this side:

See if that helps. (I just tried it, and it seemed to work for me.)

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Thanks, RH, those links look like they will work.

Now I just need to figure out how to only see the earnings calendar board and not everything else in the PC: Investing Strategies set

Hi Chamonyx…

just use the earnings-calendar tag over there - track or add it to your sidebar. Moosie is tagging his posts with that.