How to flag spam?

So in a perfectly ordinary thread (about Amazon striking workers), the final post in the thread comes from someone touting an investing site. They joined a few hours ago, it’s their only post, it looks like spam.

However the only way to flag it is to flag the entire thread. which is ridiculous. Is there no way to isolate a single post? It would seem this would make moderating easier and faster, and come to think of it, would make using the site easier and faster too. If every time a spammer shows up are we going to delete the entire thread?

Oh wait, I remember. The designer of the site only thinks “whole thread” is important. Great.


Right under the post, next to the the gray reply, click on the three dots. Should have an option the bookmark the post or flag the post.


As Zoro said, just expand the post action line by clicking the three dots and flag the individual post.

At least this explains why you flagged the first post, that had me wondering.

Yes, now I understand. The little flag at one point means something, while at another point, which is hidden, means something else.

Quite intuitive. :wink:


Of course, that is going to beg the question of why can’t we just see the whole line all the time? On my desktop, the ellipsis icon is hiding two items. And my desktop screen is plenty wide to show both of them. Even my phone screen in portrait mode is wide enough without necessitating a side-to-side scroll.

If you don’t hide useful things, they become easier to find.


Zoro now we are going to have Goofy flagging posts right and left. :rofl: :rofl:


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I figured it was better than Goofy flagging whole threads!! :joy: :joy:

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