Ignored Fool Yap

I know that I can see which posts / responses to posts are from the latest responder when I hover over the latest mini-avatar dot for a given post. So, when it’s from an ignored Fool, I know enough not to click on that thread.

BUT - I really wish that the software would be smart enough to not give me the “1 unread post” message next to a category when that new post is from an Ignored Fool. This seems like it would be a relatively easy feature to implement.

Any idea if that is on the “enhancement” list?



I did a quick search on meta.discourse.org and it looks like this is by design. The founder of Discourse is against ignoring users. Have you tried “Mute”? Don’t know if that helps, though.

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https://meta.discourse.org/ (you missed the ‘r’)

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