Ignored Fool Yap

I know that I can see which posts / responses to posts are from the latest responder when I hover over the latest mini-avatar dot for a given post. So, when it’s from an ignored Fool, I know enough not to click on that thread.

BUT - I really wish that the software would be smart enough to not give me the “1 unread post” message next to a category when that new post is from an Ignored Fool. This seems like it would be a relatively easy feature to implement.

Any idea if that is on the “enhancement” list?



I did a quick search on meta.discourse.org and it looks like this is by design. The founder of Discourse is against ignoring users. Have you tried “Mute”? Don’t know if that helps, though.

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https://meta.discourse.org/ (you missed the ‘r’)

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Yeah, this is irritating. I have someone on ignore, a prolific poster who is a likely candidate for getting in the last word on a thread. So the thread shows up with ‘1 unread post’ at the top of the list of threads recommended for me. I click on the thread, see a post I’ve seen a dozen times before admonishing said poster for personal attacks, and I move on. Next time I’m browsing, same experience, same now older post, same now older unread muted post.

If I’ve clicked on a thread, it should mark everything in that thread as read. I’ve got to purposefully go and click into that post and see what I don’t want to see in order for that thread to stop percolating to the top of the software’s recommendations for me.

Make it stop! I know for a fact that there is zero value in me looking at that ignored post.

This is one reason among many that I’m likely leaving this place and moving to Manlobbi’s new Shrewdom.com boards that recreate the old Fool board experience rather impressively and have already attracted a lot of the old participants.


I put entire threads on mute when they are overrun by certain posters.

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