How to stop ignored fools from clogging your unread list?

I carefully curated my old fool boards to ignore ignorant and obnoxious high volume posters. On the new boards these ignored posts show up as unread and won’t disappear until I open them. Is a fix possible?


I am pretty sure you can dismiss those posts.

I often use dismiss to clear out the everything category as well. Just be careful that nothing interesting is left to review.


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But how do you know who you are dismissing? I don’t see a way to tell the difference between those whom I am ignoring and someone I am not ignoring.

As far as I can tell, the only way to know is to open the topic and look. Which kind of defeats the point of having an ignored poster. (Not entirely, of course, as their post is still hidden.)

If only there were a way to view all new posts individually rather than lumped together with all of the posts in that thread. :wink:



I also think it’s a pain to have 9 new tracked posts, click on 9 and only have one post that you can read as the rest are blank.
It does make me not want to be on the boards anymore.