How Weird Is this?

Posts from the fool discussion boards show up in web searches from my pc?

Did this always happen?
If so, it’s darn new to me!
I can’t figure out what’s different that would make that happen.
Using Brave


I just searched for fool the pandemic board.

Didn’t expect the results to have links to threads, but they do?
Is it just me?

It happens from another PC as well, that’s not logged onto fool.

I just searched for
fool living below your means
on another pc

and was able to get to the discussion board - with THE TOP LISTING LOG IN.

I was able to see everything without being Logged In.

They have made a huge mistake with this change in more ways than one.

I am so done.

Will be deleting my account.

Not only has the fool lost their minds/community, but they have lost any sense of security.

I will only stay active for a bit to see if you guys see the same thing.
Please let me know.

Given that you can still read the closed boards … and even post to them if you know the right formula … why would you expect them to not be searchable? You can’t use external search tools on premium boards, but then I don’t expect those to have closed.

They have made a huge mistake with this change in more ways than one.

No, free boards have always been searchable.

You don’t get what I’m saying, sorry

I expected to be able to see Closed Boards - While Logged On!
Not just open fodder for the internet.

Living Below Your Means is not a closed board.

It’s totally searchable on the web.

I think tamhas is saying that they’ve always been searchable.


I don’t think they have been, and I think that’s been a big complaint -
as I now can get to the active sites - Without Logging ON!

Doesn’t that give you pause???

I posted, while logged on.
Went to another PC and was able to search for the board and Without Logging In was able to see the message I posted.

Doesn’t that give you pause???

No, because I'll never (try) to post/type something here I don't mind the world reading. Simple actually. If you really feel this way, maybe the WWW is not for you?