Changed URL Since Friday

Guess what? People Save Bookmarks!

I was pretty active playing with the new boards that had already converted last week. I just discovered that the URL I used to get here then no longer gets me to the new system. That was:, which currently takes me somewhere else with the message The site is in read only mode. Interactions are disabled. It would have been nice if it didn’t change, or if we were warned it would change… too late for any of that. But you really should update the message we get when we try to go there.

As for the conversion taking a bit longer… I spent 30 years in IT, and can sympathize when things get a bit… interesting. Congratulations, and I hope you can take a breather.

A bit confusingly, is for the Premium boards, and is for the public community boards.

Unfortunately, as I learned earlier today, these are completely separate discussion sites, so if you are a premium member, you will have to check both places for content you are interested in.


Thanks, Softie. Two URLs? I think I can handle that! :sunglasses:

To fully answer your question, the Premium boards went back into read-only mode because this weekend was also spent migrating the premium company discussion boards. (It’s taking longer than expected, though, which is why it’s still read-only come Monday afternoon.)

The advanced search within the new board system should make it possible to find your “bookmarked” messages and update those links (at least on the premium side where all the content was migrated).

But, for now the old board posts are still available.



Yep…still, migrating those pesky company boards on the premium side…probably would have gone more quickly if we could have left the Tesla board behind but they just didn’t like that idea when I suggested it :wink:

Looks like it’s pretty close to being done - they should be up soon - the URL remains the same (and there is a button at the top of this site to get you over there more easily (once they are up)

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If you can migrate Saul’s Investing Discussions, you can migrate anything! :grin: