Humor: Power Saluting Coward Runs

This morning’s knife edge laugh:

Mr. Tough Guy here was protected by the Capitol Police before the crowd burst through the stanchions. While the rabble were on the “otherside” of the stanchions, he threw them all a power salute with stoical determination, channeling General McArthur in a suit, sans sunglasses, stepping ashore in the Philippines.

Later in the afternoon, this traitor runs like a scared rabbit when the violence erupted. The cameras caught this moment. You got to wonder why he was running from “his people?” Typical of this bunch of Losers. :wink:…

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Tweeter has filleted Hawley alive, but nothing is better than the gallery at J6 erupting in guffaws which I missed because I was howling with laughter at home. Had I been in the gallery, they would have escorted me out for laughing too hard and loud. Notice when this camera phone pans the crowd how many people who were not laughing had huge smiles of appreciation at how “Run, Josh, Run” was presented:

Shot - Hawley power saluting the traitors who had yet to break through barriers. Determined Tough Guy.

Chaser - Hawley running for his life once his “people” had broken into the Capitol and started calling out names of Congress People and the VP of the United States they wanted to hang or arrest.

All the Hawley videos on Twitter with different soundtracks can be found in and around this short video clip from the gallery when the shot/chaser juxtaposition of Hawley as Maga Warrior/Baby Man Running by the J6 Investigators. I salute the J6 Commission for this move to ridicule the traitor. Humor is a beautiful weapon to show the world that real Americans are here to stand for Democracy and we won’t have treasonous louts become a Fascist inner circle to a dictator who arranged a failed coup.