I think Air Tags will be added to our bags on our next trip


While we haven’t made plans for travel in a while, and never lost our checked luggage in the many trips we did since the '70’a, it is a nice security blanket to see where luggage might travel.

I did buy a 4-pack of Airtags last year, one for DW’s keys, one for my camera case and a couple spares. Partly to get adjusted to how they work… So far, so good, when we went to dinner in Carson Cirty while visiting inaws, I did get notifications on my Watch that my camera had been left behind, not a problem, just nice to know they work!


I used to use Tiles, but I’ve been migrating over to Airtags since they came out. The Find My network is so much more ubiquitous, apparently, than the Tile network, so I can see the locations of my Airtags based on someone else being near them, which is so helpful for airport luggage. The one thing that Tile had that Airtags is missing is being able to share location with someone else, e.g. a family member.

For most trips nowadays, for work, I use carryon luggage only. It forces me to pack light.

One thing that struck me from the Twitter thread is that the Airtag anti-stalking feature could alert luggage thieves that they’re being tracked, if they have iPhones, so they could rummage through and discard the trackers. I’m regularly told that “someone else’s Airtag” is following me. It’s usually the one on my wife’s keyring.


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Yes, I’d like that DW & I could ‘see’ the other’s items, maybe not all the time, but there are times when it should be helpful…