We have mentioned this one here before. They reported good numbers this morning. Share price up 13%± today. Concerns over potentially slowing sales in China were alleviated. I updated Kevin’s 1YPEG spreadsheet with earnings release numbers: +22% in revenue, +25% in EPS, 1YPEG mid zero.fifties. Worth consideration for you all. I am personally long for several years and plan to be for several more. they are leaders in a niche and have application and market opportunities ahead of them. Here is the release link: http://investor.ipgphotonics.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID…

here’s to more and bigger winners and fewer and smaller losers,


Yes - I sold my position this morning at $92. Haven’t yet decided how to redeploy the funds.


Thank you very much for updating the spreadsheet.

The EPS numbers look very good. One request, if you don’t mind. Could you also update the revenue numbers on the revenue tab?

Revenue is an important component to the spreadsheet. Without updated revenue numbers, the “candidate stock” qualifier won’t reflect the fully desired results.

I think after you update revenue, the candidate indicator may very well tilt the stock into “Saul stock” territory.




Thank you for the awesome resource and tool!

I did go to the revenue page and update numbers. ?. Did they not take? I will go back and double check now.

This is the only time I have updated any numbers. As I understand it, I only need to update those two sets of numbers putting newest in far right Q1 column and ‘pushing out’ the last set of numbers in the Q8 column. The rest as you so humbly state, ‘is magic’.

Kudos Kevin! I don’t want to mess up what you have developed. I do want to help keep it up to date. Let me know.


KLVanLiew - my apologies - your revenue is correct!

There were some recent updates made where folks came in to add new EPS numbers but didn’t update Revenue. I jumped the gun on you, sorry about that.

IPGP is one I also own. Revenue is just a smidge below the magic 20% threshold for this stock to qualify. It is very, very close.

One more question for you. Where did you get 1.21 for the EPS number? I didn’t do a lot of digging - but saw 1.15 on the official release just now and assume those are GAAP?



I know I put in “$1.15” for diluted EPS and I took it straight from IPGP’s release. I don’t know who/how changed the number to $1.21. It was not I.

(Oh the glory of this on-line collaboration. Thanks again for this incredible tool. I must make another mental note that not all numbers may be 100% accurate and a double-check before leaping would be wise. Hey Fool Friends let’s keep this spreadsheet clean and correct. Thereby, we all get the benefit.)

Upon just reviewing, I did note over in the comments column that someone added notes that were not there when I updated. Perhaps they made the change.


Hi Kevin and KL VanLiew,

I updated the EPS numbers with Non-GAAP that I calculated by adding back the stock based compensation and intangibles associated with acquisitions that were included in the Press Releases. I believe we are looking to use Non-GAAP numbers when possible, so I thought this was what we wanted. Sorry if I caused some confusion, I made a note in the comments section to try to communicate what I was doing.

Sorry if this is not what was expected.

Correct me if this is not correct. All the best, Brian

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