Ignored poster behavior

I have a couple of posters I have on ignore. I ignored them under the old boards and haven’t touched things since, so however the transition worked is what I have (barring transition hiccups).

The annoyance I have here is that an ignored poster can post on a topic, but then that triggers the topic to show up in my “unread” lists of posts. When I look at my tracked posts, for example, they show up there. But I don’t know who made the new post, so I click on the post to read it, only to find that I’m at the post just before the ignored poster reading something that sounds very familiar. I scroll past that post and see nothing else new - just the little note that an ignored poster was there. [Insert rant explaining how the unthreaded mode on the old boards were much better for dealing with this.]

Is there a tweak I can make somewhere to keep them from setting that “unread” flag?

If not, perhaps that could be an improvement to add to the growing list of potential improvements.



I see the few Ignored as hidden posts in the thread, clicking that reveals who they are and the comment… Old ways they wereIgnored Yappers, but you could at least see who it was… Checking my Profile I saw the list ofIgnored, cancelled a couple, but at least I see where I can add any irritants… Now I know to ignore the hidden

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I think that is similar to the behavior in the old system. You would see that a board had unread posts but when you clicked on it you found the most recent post was an ignored one.

But at least you could see who it was. And based on the # of recs (likes), you could determine if you wanted to read it or not (and this released that user from the penalty box).

The inability to determine the username of a poster without seeing the whole post is a distinct fault of the new system.