I'm so glad we had this time together

I’m not going to renew my SA subscription this year but did not want to drop off the map. Its been a great 6 years. I got very lucky for about 3 of those years with some amazing returns following Saul. And thankfully realizing when it was time to get off that train as well. I’m 10 years out from retirement. I simply want a double in that timeframe now. And frankly I’ve been exhausted from stock picking and market following for 2 years now and I’m finally listening to myself. I want the break. I’m planning to mostly set and forget, at least for a bit. For the curious, my plan is:

  • VOO and QQQ at 30% each
  • VYM, VTV, VNQ and ICLN at 10% each

With QQQ and ICLN making 40% of the total I guess you could call this my version of a 60/40 portfolio. :slight_smile:

I’m down slightly more than QQQ is this year but it could be far worse. Thankfully, over the past 6 years I’m still over-performing the S&P 500 by about 70%, so all is far from lost. Its been worth the hard work but I’m wanting a more auto-pilot portfolio for now.

Best of luck to everyone here. I should have an account active until year end and I will be lurking until I’m kicked off. :slight_smile:


You still can post on this side without a subscription. At least, I’ve never had one.


As sykes6 mentioned, the METAR board is on the Free-mium side. You can still post here


@bjurasz I hope you stay on METAR since this board is free. I have never paid a dime to TMF.



Stick around on the inexpensive side of the block.

Like others have said, METaR is free so stay and enjoy the conversation.

The Captain