I'm still masking after all these years

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And I expect to mask when in public spaces for the rest of my life.

Here in Sonoma County, CA, the case count, at least in Kaiser’s (HMO) world has climbed from ~6% to ~23%, and as luck had it, we caught it on our own, apparently from a wandering grandkid’s travels from WV to here, naturally a birthday BBQ, we were all boosted, current, but something slipped through… So, yes, we’re back to masking at any indoor venue, shopping, etc… Becoming hermits it seems at times… Now awaiting the late Fall combo booster+flu shots…

What we had wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but still scary, knowing our age, frailties…

Gradually normalizing, need to get out, walking, eventually the gym, but keeping an eye on the threat levels…



I get vaccinated but do not care more or less than if I caught a cold.

The flu is a bigger pain if I get that. Get that vax as well.

I found that I actually quite liked masking. Fairly easy for me having spent close to 4 decades “At The Orifice”, masking for pretty much any and every procedure other than to say “How do?”.

For starters, as anyone who’s ever spent time awake in the OR could attest, a mask hides a multitude of sins. I call it the power of the yashmak … but stepping out without having to apply make-up so as not to scare small children was quite liberating. Additionally, worked better than any sunscreen I can use in preventing the appearance of age spots.