Inputing an Excel file

Is it possible to attach or copy an Excel file into a MF community post?


Yes Graydrake just copy or snip it and paste it directly into your post.


Also, note the highlighted icon in this snip from starting to post. Hold the mouse over a real one (not the one in the picture) and the function appears, Upload. When I click on it on my Windows computer it opens File Manager so I can find the file.



I had never noticed that RH. I just pasted them directly in. I guess I need to start paying attention to the top of the box.


No need to bother with it at all. It doesn’t do anything you weren’t already able to do.

And I didn’t actually know it was there until I went looking after this question was asked! :sunglasses:

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I was successful in putting a picture in a community post.

Thank you,


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