IPad Air phone question

I have iPad Air 4th generation running iOS 16.1.1. Also have iPhone 13pro. All my devices are synced. On my phone I have set unknown callers to “silence” and when I see such a call notification , I block and delete them! Works!
But I also receive a voice notification of the “unknown caller” on my iPad Air and can’t figure out how to silence or not receive these notifications on the Air - there is no setting I can find on the Air to remove/delete or silence those annoying notifications.

I do have “FaceTime” enabled on both devices and want to keep that option .

Any thoughts/suggestions?

Change or turn off iPad sounds - Apple Support

I don’t know if this will help or not, but it makes sense that you could change your notification settings on the IPAD. HTH…doc

Thanks, doc
I did manage to turn off Siri notifications of “unknown” caller - that worked but I still get the clanging/ringing tones whenever I receive an unknown caller call. Remember they are silenced on my iPhone13.

Strange in that KNOWN callers ( those in my contact list ) do NOT come through on to my iPadAir unless it’s a FaceTime call. This is crazy- or at least driving me crazy!

Just so we’re all in the same page: does your iPad have cellular service?

In settings I see wi-fi and Bluetooth- both activated. I can’t find a setting for cellular though….so maybe it doesn’t have it? I do get FaceTime calls on it and “unknown caller” calls but not any from my contact list. What does this mean? am confused

You can get FaceTime through your wifi and possibly through your connection with your phone…doc

Not all iPads have cellular service. It sounds like yours doesn’t. FaceTime calls can work via WiFi, and you can also take calls via your iPad if “Calls from iPhone” is set to ON in FaceTime on your iPad.

What you want to do: Go to Settings>Facetime and look for “Announce Calls”. Set it as you prefer (e.g., “Never”).

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Tuni I suggest you call AppleCare. I had some very odd behavior with phone calls ringing on one of my iPads (no cell service on either my iPads). Since the settings were the same and reboots did not help, I called.

This started for me right after an upgrade from iOS 16.x to iOS 16.y – where I don’t recall what either x or y are.

Eventually the tech said he discovered there were reports of odd behavior involving phone calls and FaceTime issues. He had me go through a series of steps that involved turning off iCloud on one device (I don’t recall which), rebooting, do something with all three iOS devices, etc.

In short I don’t recall – but they solved my problem.