IRS Tax Advocates Group?

They say the IRS never calls you, but I am now expecting a call from the IRS Advocates Group. Does anyone here have any experience with this? What should I expect?

Here’s the background:

I am trying to resolve an issue with my father’s 2019 Federal Tax Refund. He filed his 2019 return by mail in October 2020 before passing in January 2021. I am the executor. The IRS sent him a letter in June saying “We’re holding your refund until we finish reviewing your tax return.” The letter asks you to allow 60 days before contacting the IRS.

I called the IRS in August to ask for a status. I then learned I needed to send in paperwork in order to speak to the IRS about his return. I sent in the paperwork and allowed for the amount of suggested time for processing. I called again in November. The representative with whom I spoke could not provide any details on why the refund was delayed. I was told they “submitted an internal referral”. They asked for my phone number and said I might receive a call or a letter or a refund check. If I don’t receive anything, I could call back after another 60 days. I have not received any communication.

I called the IRS again this past week and was eventually routed to the Tax Management Department. The representative looked up my father’s information and said “2 referrals have been submitted” and she can not explain the delay. She told me she was submitting a report to the “advocates group”. I should expect a phone call between the hours of 7 AM and 7 PM some time over the next 4 weeks. I am welcome to call back again if I do not hear anything after 4 weeks.

Very concerned about spam calls, I asked her how I would know it was the IRS calling. She could not tell me what the Caller ID might say. So I now need to answer every single phone call over the next 4 weeks until I hear from the IRS. Hopefully it will be obvious that it is a legitimate call.

Has anyone here ever received one of these calls? Do I need to be ready to pull out my father’s tax records at a moment’s notice or should I expect a high level status explaining the next steps? I want to be prepared for the call but I could be driving in my car, at a doctor appointment, at the grocery store, etc. Any insight on what I should expect would be helpful.

I would suggest that before you give out personal information over the phone, (e.g., your Social Security number, or your father’s) that they should explain why they are calling you.

Which is:
*In response to an internal referral, resulting from your call
*about your father’s refund from
*his Form 1040
*for 2019.

And if they can do that, they ought to be legit. And if they don’t make it all clear immediately, ask:
“You’re really from the IRS? Exactly why are you calling me?” There’s nothing wrong with that. Just try to sound nice.

If fact, make sure that they’re human and not a robo caller. That’s an essential first step.

And yes, it probably would help to have your father’s tax file close at hand when they call. Obviously, that can’t be done 24/7, but they’ll also need to make sure that you are who you say you are, and that you are the person who initially called.

Good luck!


Thank you Bill!