Is Govt picking on TSLA? Lawyer explains

Steve Lehto is a popular YouTuber, claims to be a practicing lawyer in Michigan.

Lehto fields questions from his audience.
In this video, Lehto explains the legal meaning and definition of “recall” and the “timeline” of the process.

Basically, Tesla itself creates some of (most of?) the drama.
NHTSA is required by law to maintain a record of “recalls” that have been fixed.

Tesla just wants to “fix” and forget. This is putatively the innovative, make changes on the fly, we’re all good people here, shining example of good people doing good work, you can count on us to be honest, bs, …

I prefer Ronald Reagan’s “trust but verify” approach.

NHTSA needs the record, so that if future issues manifest, then the culprit can be identified.
Indeed, NHTSA is legally REQUIRED to maintain the record.

Personally, I LIKE the requirement for an official record.
If the “fix” didn’t fix it, then, we’ll know, and the next “fix” can be applied*. And companies that try to cover up problems can be dealt with.

Back to “recall”.
The whiny baby Tesla fans, complaining that the media is hurting poor Tesla by MISUSING the word “recall”, want to change the official word used. JFC.

The LEGACY use of the word “recall”, due to SESATIONALIZED LURID situations, is that the recalled item has to be physically returned, and manually “repaired”.

But, the legal definition is not that specific. It just says the issue MUST be fixed.
And the issue and the “fix” recorded.

Whiny baby Tesla fans… GTFU!


  • as an example, Toyota 2019 RAV4 Hybrids have a known gas tank volume issue. It’s apparently NON-lethal, so low priority.
    Toyota has NOT YET identified a “real” fix… and are band-aid-ing it, just for the public perception.