Total Recall - not the movie

To be fair it’s just the font size identifying a warning light which can be solved with a software fix.

How much time and trouble for Ford or Chevy customers would be caused by the need to change out the decal over a knob or switch?



Not much. That sort of minor thing happens all the time and can be easily done at the next maintenance/oil change.


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Tesla does OTA software updates prn*.

This is a major disruptive difference between Tesla and legacy auto.

Why aren’t legacy doing OTA? Supposedly legacy auto have farmed software to outside vendors, more than one. None of which seamlessly support each other. Therefore any software development takes software VENDOR time, costs the legacy auto more money, more time, and lowers margins.

Tesla does all its software in house, part of the “vertical” concept. Rolling out an OTA prn has little affect on margins. And, as soon as a software update is available, it is OTA’d to all relevant Teslas.
With OTA, the Tesla owner may not even know that it’s happened. Tesla OTA have little impact on the owner’s abilities to do his daily living tasks.

The legacy process OTOH requires government regulations, and potential penalties, to require the update, and the car owner must STOP her daily activities and spend time in time-out at the legacy auto “services” center.

ralph notes that Tesla also doesn’t do oil change, either.

p.r.n.: Abbreviation meaning “when necessary” (from the Latin “pro re nata”, for an occasion that has arisen, as circumstances require, as needed).


FWIW, I just had one with my Ford Escape.

At any rate, I’ve never felt put out with recalls; I just do them when it’s convenient.


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Glad to hear legacy is copying Tesla!

Jim Farley is an early adopter of the “copy Tesla” concept.

Edit: just to be clear - you got an OTA, at a time and place that did NOT affect your daily living activities?
Ie you didn’t get an update while doing a maintenance service?


Correct; I didn’t know about it until I got a e-mail notification.


Not true. You get a phone app notification and have to approve the update to start.
And you get a notification when it starts and finishes.
If you don’t see that, then next time you get in your car you get a popup message of some kind and you have to request it to start when you have a WiFi connection or you can force it to do it over 4G…when your car is parked.

Is it possible for Tesla to force an update without notifying you…I’m not sure.


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I felt put out with the airbag recall on my vehicle. Especially when I had to wait almost a year because they didn’t have enough parts. They told me not to drive my vehicle LOL.


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Are you kidding??!!!??? Most of those indicators are buried in the dashboard behind a piece of plastic or glass, and inside a large subassembly. It would cost automakers a TON of money to replace all of those if they are recalled!