Is Roger Ailes empire collapsing?

I watched Succession. Roman won!!!



Did he?

Kendall of course is contemplating jumping into the river. Roman saddles up to the bar in front of a giant martini about to embark on a life of alcoholism. Shiv is stuck being married to a man she doesn’t love and doesn’t respect. You could make a good argument that Tom won because he got control of the company. And one of the more true-to-life aspects of the show, Tom succeeds spectacularly because he’s a giant, spinless, shameless, soulless, suck-up.

But I think the real winner is Greg. He’s clearly out of his depth at first, but his instinct for self-preservation against Tom’s orders gains Tom’s respect, he adroitly plays one faction off against the other, and he’s able to deliver the key intel at the right time (thanks to Google Translate). He enters as a stooge, but using his knowledge of where the bodies are buried, he winds up the right hand man for the most powerful media company in the country, outsmarting even Elon Musk, err, I mean Matsson.