Is the NATO Military Cabinet Bare?

NATO is racing to arm its Russian borders. Can it find the weapons?
And also the necessary manpower.
Both which will require large spending increases.
2% ain’t gonna cut it methinks.


The press will yank one out of one’s seat. Better than saying to J6P nothing to worry about don’t spend more money. Joe wont realize we weren’t talking about his money. He will opt for a tax cut instead that he will never see.

The other party to this conflict–Russia–appears also to be running short of weapons.
Yesterday Prigozhin called for conserving ammo in preparation for an assumed Ukrainian counter attack.

Prigozhin has been complaining about a lack of ammo and equipment for weeks. He certainly has his own motives for doing so, but Russia is incapable of making meaningful advances anywhere on the front.

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That is just what I was thinking: just, exactly, what would Russia attack NATO with? I see pix of a lot, a very lot, of wreckage in Ukraine.



Whatever they have in abundant abundance! Nukes?

The Captain

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Hot off the press: The EU intends to supply Ukraine with one million artillery shells in the next year. The US has already promised a similar amount.

Article is in German. Google translate works well.

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The Russians have not covered themselves in glory with their Ukrainian war performance. Yet apparently NATO feel the need to arm up their Russian borders. Do they not believe Russian weakness or have they fallen for their own propaganda that Russian will invade NATO afetr victory in the Ukraine? Or is this just the standard excuse for politicians filling their respective defense industry coffers.