Is this board closing too?

Being that it is not under their paid subscription service. I’m gonna take a leap and say yes it is.


If Saul’s board is shut down I’m leaving the Fool. Hopefully there will be a migration path to another hosting service if the Fool is stupid enough to follow through on this.


I am guessing that the financial boards like this one are safe. I think this has more to do with government pressure on publishers than Fool wanting to block unpaid content.

For years the local papers and major online presences like Yahoo had comments sections on each news article. They liked and promoted the “town square” vision. Around 2 years ago, they all started drying up. There was always some pretty words about reader experience, but the common theme was when more commenters disagreed than agreed with the publisher editorial position, the reader comments section disappeared.

I hope this board is not affected. If it is, we can seek other website hosts. There are several open source content management systems out there. It won’t be expensive or difficult to find a solution.


I don’t know anything more about this than you guys do, but I’ll try to find out.