Is this fallout from FL's Disney tax policy?

The first thought that crossed my mind: was this decision made because of the DeSantis Law regarding Disney’s tax situation?
The Reflections hotel site has been cleared, but it does not appear that the project is currently moving forward.

This does not confirm the project will never happen, but it makes it clear it’s not being worked on actively. Disney faces a challenge in that building hotels takes months, and sometimes as much as a year. That means it has to build based on where it expects demand to be in the future not where it is now.…


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The first thought that crossed my mind: was this decision made because of the DeSantis Law regarding Disney’s tax situation?


But other explanations probably are more likely. Are all of the other hotels on the Disney property reopened? And, if so, are they operating at or near their capacity? Or are capacity limits of the parks still constraining the guest count at the existing hotels?

There’s not much point in building a new hotel until you can fill the existing hotels.


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I do believe that all resort properties are re-opened but I cannot say whether they are operating at capacity or not. Other factors that might go into the development of a new hotel are construction costs - which are at a supply-chain-factor high, questions about being able to staff a new resort (there continue to be shortages at both Disneyland and Disney World), and questions about traffic and transportation management to the property.

There might have been issues with developing a clear theming for the new resort, and the idea simply needed more time to be developed conceptually. There could also have been an issue of whether it should be a public or DVC property.

With Disney, it’s not just about the construction but about the experience they are offering guests as well.

Who notes resort development was paused after 9/11 but resumed later and before the pandemic was on a resort development tear…

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