Israel is heading down the path to major economic problems

In practice, it determines whether the application of a law violates the court’s current interpretation of the constitution. Theoretically that strikes down that law, and establishes a precedent, but the law remains on the books to be re-interpreted at a later date unless congress actually repeals or replaces that law.

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NPR this morning is reporting Israeli legal experts expect little chance the court over turns the new law.

Israel considers itself at war. She is being attacked.

The US constitution is geared to give the executive dictatorial powers during war. Only to unwind those powers during peace time.

Yes this means taking rights from innocent people. Innocent people on all sides and internal to Israel.

Yes this means taking the west bank to Israeli control.

Yes this means a reversion later towards a more democratic state.

That flex in democracies does exist. It is built in. Agree with it or not that is the direction Israel is taking. Truthfully things need to be decided.

Well, Netanyahu considers Israel to be at war.
The protests might suggest that the Israeli people don’t…


More Israeli Jewish (Religious/Nationalist) propaganda. They would like to have all of the West Bank for Israeli Jews and shove all Arabs living in Israel, West Bank and Jerusalem into the Gaza Strip. Sounds just like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini propaganda to save their people from outside evil religious forces.

I agree Israel will be taking the west bank entirely. It is not propaganda it is happening regardless of religiosity.

You can point to many other examples in history. They did not have to be Hitler or Stalin. Mussolini did next to nothing. The USA has done this in the 1800s. The English, the French, the Spanish…the Dutch…the list of otherwise forward thinking nations doing this is there.

Right now the bigger case of it is in India. Much bigger case of it. The Indians online are lining up and congratulating Israel these days. How long is India supposed to let nonsense with Pakistan simmer? Just endlessly? Why? Strip the band aid quickly off. Let the wound heal later.

Jordan is a Palestinian state. That is the truth. Syria and Lebanon are Greater Syria as well. It all really belongs to Damascus. But the west will never let that happen. Does not matter that the west are democracies.

I am not going to get wound up about it. Just like none of you are going to get too wound up about what Modi is doing in India.

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You may not be wound up about Bibi, Putin, Modi, Assad and Xi Jinping, but I am wound up about them and their heinous acts.

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Oh I am wound up about Putin, Assad and Xi.

I am selective because being selective makes more sense.

The Ukrainian people did not choose this war at all. Russian aggression will go a lot further if unchecked. So will Chinese one day and possibly one day soon. I hate their governance either one of them. As for Assad what is there to say? Totally disgusting.

Modi and Bibi are not in those camps. I do not like either of them but they are not in those camps. That is obvious. Sometimes a job just needs to get done. No one will like it but it still needs to get done.

I supported supply side econ in the 1980s when it really was totally necessary. The job had to get done.

What is Modi “doing in India”, about which I should be wound up?



It is the same for all of us.

My advocacy of demand side econ for the US is to empower the US. The old guard for supply side econ that is no longer mentioned ever has been blatantly lied to that demand side econ is a problem. One of the reasons for demand side is to empower the US military. The more economically powerful the US becomes the more the relative costs of the US military come down. Our largest military installations and our nuclear energy program were mostly funded during the demand side period when we could best afford them.