Israel strikes Iran

Long-distance aircraft fired missiles that struck Iranian Air Force assets at Isfahan in central Iran early Friday morning, the Jerusalem Post has confirmed…

Syrian reports on Friday morning indicated airstrikes had also targeted sites belonging to the Syrian Army in the As-Suwayda and Daraa Governorates of southern Syria. According to the local news site As-Suwayda24, the airstrikes targeted radar sites belonging to the Syrian military between Qarda and Izraa in Daraa in southern Syria.



A muted initial response in Iran and Israel suggest both want to avoid escalation.



Iran, like Hamas, likes to hide behind cannon fodder, for Iran the cannon fodder is Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis.

I think the Israeli bombing of the Iranian Embassy in Syria was a masterpiece, not only did it bag seven generals, it forced Iran to show its hand! Iran wants its hands well hidden in silk gloves.

The Captain


This might not be over.

A back and forth is wanted. Given a big enough excuse Israel will take out Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran is at odds with all the governments in the ME. The US and Israel needs to keep them there.

US/Israel know if Iran has promised to retaliate again. The US press is next to worthless.

The perceptions of the American public matter as well. Easing this into place is the best tactic.

The US press is understating things. If Iran throws a lot more firepower at Israel the American public will happily take sides.

Even the most outspoken Hamas supporter here is not interested in supporting Iran.

BTW long range? F-35s.

There is a sizeable portion of the USian population that would love to beat up on Iran. They haven’t forgotten the hostages 45 years ago. The government and media has kept that fire burning, by blaming Iran for everything bad in much of the world. Remember the narrative that the mines killing our guys during the occupation of Iraq had been made in Iran?

iirc, it was the Beeb, last night, reporting on the Israeli strike, said that Iran had shot just about everything it had last last week, does not have the means to launch another large strike.

We old phartz remember when the Israelis launched an unprovoked strike that turned a nuclear reactor in Iraq into rubble. iirc, Begin was still PM then. Lots of posturing about how the F15s and F16s used in the strike had been provided “for defensive use only”. but nothing of substance done about it. The same USian faction mentioned above would love to see the same happen to Iran’s nuclear program.

It is said that, since the late 90s, “Bebe” has had the attitude that he controls the US. During his first stint as PM, in the late 90s, he reportedly was giving orders to the POTUS at that time. The POTUS barked “who is the $%%^ superpower here?” Nevertheless, POTUS candidates continue to make their pilgrimage to AIPAC, to pledge fealty to Israel.


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Bibi is arrogant.

I have no problem with Israel taking out nuclear sites.

You do not have to be alive. A nuclear war in the ME between immature governments will mean you want to be dead. Within a month of a small back and forth with nuclear weapons you would gladly kill yourself.

There is nothing decent about humanity. Without better governments, human beings are worthless killers of everything.

Hamas and the PLO are more guilty than Bibi.

A Palestinian leader who is an Israeli citizen is saying America needs to guarantee equal rights for Palestinians. Be amazing if Palestinians did that ever among themselves. It is garbage talk. Do not fall prey to it.

There are four other ME wars right now. If you spent any time having a first opinion on them I’d be amazed.

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