Israel, Turkey & Energy

Erdogan says Turkey, Israel to take steps in energy drilling soon
Turkey and Israel will soon begin taking joint steps in energy drilling, President Erdogan was cited by Turkish media as saying on Thursday, adding the two countries would also operate energy networks to Europe through Turkey.

Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met in person for the first time on Tuesday at the United Nations, in a milestone as two countries have been working to repair relations long strained by disputes over policies toward the Palestinians.



Its great to hear they are in discussions. Not so great to hear they plan to drill for oil.

How about a joint geothermal project? Wind farm? Solar farm?

Didn’t they get the memo about global warming? Still in the dark ages when it comes to the environment.

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Israel does a lot of things. Turkey on her own can not afford to do any of it. Turkey needs energy independence. Israel may also help in other ways.

Looking at the territory distributions on the West Bank the arguments are meaningless.

I believe the Leviathan field is mostly natural gas, although there may be some oil there too. But the primary hydrocarbon is gas.

From July…

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