It's not nice to fool Mother Nature

Why do people travel during a ferocious storm that was predicted days in advance? Don’t they know it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature?

Even hunkering down at home is problematic for many.

We got hit by this storm a few days ago before it swept east across the country. A new winter storm warning today.

I’m spending the day cooking.


I’ll be traveling on I-10 tomorrow. My wife traveled to Tallahasee yesterday to drop the kitty off at her kitty resort. (Yes in fact the cat IS spoiled) Warmish but wet yesterday. Expect windy and 23 in the morning when we load the truck, but dry roads and no precipitation in sight.

It was touch and go about this trip the whole time. Most of the trip is on I-10, if it had been any further north it would have been cancelled.

Glad we planned the Chicago/ Des Moines trip at Thanksgiving and not Christmas.

Qazulight (We have a queen bed in our guest room now. Next year we stay home and people can visit us.)

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Yes, granddaughter and I did the same. An experimental pastry hack. It worked great…here’s the evidence. Started with a dozen mince pies…

After temperatures that were toggling around -15°F yesterday we’re at bang on zero right now on our way to a balmy 17°. Had a bit of snow also…


We are very much enjoying our whole house generator at the moment, as well as the much lower tech wood stove which I started up in anticipation of the very cold weather. With the generator the inconvenience of days of outage boils down to a blip in time.

Family traveled here yesterday in the not yet frozen pouring rain with flooded streets. Everything is frozen over now.



Today we are gloating over being off grid. Any trees down do not interrupt our power. (Ironically, the hospital we both work at has had power interruptions all day so far.)
My biggest concern is I just cleared all the NE slush out of driveway (~700’ of driveway) so GF could get on the roads to work work at hospital. She comes home around midnight, so crud gonna b’ nasty! at that time.


We were able to reschedule our family visit, but son-in-law no1 is an er doc and no. 2 works for a utility . They have no choice in the matter. I do wish more of us used better judgment to ease the burden on those who have no choice in the matter.

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I just started up the wood stove because all of my snow plowing gear SOAKED after clearing drive in a RAIN??? storm in middle of Dec.
Keeping the dawgs and myself warm and dry.


Checking in from here in Miami. What are you all talking about?


80 degrees at time of writing, but it will be down in the 50’s tomorrow!


Here in The OC (the CA version, not the FL one), we’ve avoided precipitation, but it’s been cold. Lows in the high 40s, and daytime highs barely in the 60s. Fortunately we’re expecting a break in this cold snap and should have mid to high 70s for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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SIGH!!! #stilllearningNEsnowstorms.

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DD had to fly out of JFK this morning to Turks & Caicos (actually Parrot Cay) for work. She is leading a team with world famous sushi chef Masa for a 1 week special holiday pop-up restaurant at the private resort there.

We were very worried about her leaving this morning in the thick of it, but the flight got off in time and she landed about an hour ago.

She’ll be doing a fair amount of work while there, but she also packed her shorts and bathing suit to soak up some warm tropical sun while there.

==> DS arrives from NYP → PVD tonight via Amtrak. Not quite so scary.


After a week, or more, of media hysteria about my area receiving 6-8" of snow. This is what we actually received.

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I’m laughing at people who think 17 degrees F is cold,lol. Up here, if it’s not low single digits in the winter, then it’s nothing to complain about, at all. Actually, if it’s above zero, then what are y’all complaining about ?
( but I hate heat/humidity, so you can laugh at me when it gets to 90 degrees next summer )


We’ve a range of family homes, hangouts… deal with 'em as needed… So far Follansbee, WV is the winner… I’m surprised that Cascade, MT is so warm, relatively…

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 6.20.00 PM

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Time between 9pm and 9:30pm on Thurs, 12/22/2022. Current temp is -11F. Wind is from northwest at 26mph. Windchill is in the -30F to -50F range. Higher wind speeds expected through Friday. Much of the state, including the entire metro Twin Cities, is in a blizzard warning for the next 24+hrs. I am staying put for the rest of the year. If I need anything, I have multiple delivery services available (for groceries, etc).


Maybe plans were set, reservations made, tickets bought, etc. before those predictions came out?


Yes, this time of year plans are often made months in advance.

Yes, of course…but the airlines were announcing free changes due to the weather.

I’m pretty sure a good many put it down to media hype and decided to take their chances.

We didn’t get a tremendous snowfall but I actually didn’t expect the amount we got (not quite 6 inches, I’d say). Fortunately, we had no long distance travel plans but I fancy if this was a long planned trip to see relatives I missed badly … like Christmas visits back to England when my parents were still alive … I can see myself being seduced into thinking along the media hype lines and giving serious thought to traveling.

I can recall back when I was little my dad always reckoned that the only difference between him and the weather forecasters is that they got paid for guessing whereas he never did. Mind you, we didn’t have a TV at the time and didn’t have the opportunity to see that the weather forecasters were pretty accurate for a lot of the regions outside of the, say, 1/4 mile radius of my dad’s experience. Oddly enough, he listened to the Shipping Forecast on the BBC every night…trusting that they got it right for Lundy, Fastnet, Irish Sea etc, I guess.

That doesn’t matter, when you had to get on your knees and beg for the vacation time at work to make the trip. The chances of the “JC” disrupting himself to let you move your vacation are about nil.

A lot of the airline’s weather disruptions are due to the airline’s hub and spoke routing system. If a hub is hit by bad weather, a large part of their system collapses.

Around here, a lot of entertainment venues and events scheduled for Friday were cancelled a day or two in advance, due to the media hysteria.

I was laffing at the media trying to walk back their “end of the world” hysteria after nothing but cold happened on Friday. They were saying words to the effect “very little snow, just as we have been saying for a week”. BULL! They were forecasting 6-8" in my township.