Just in case

Just in case you are worried that the market is getting over-extended, I might like to point out that out of all my stocks, the only ones at all-time highs are CELG and WAB, which are fairly low beta stocks which just keep melting up. ALL the others are off their highs, and MOST of the others are WAY off their highs. I think there may be plenty of room to continue (although there will be back-ups along the way).

And congratulations to all of us on 4000 posts in 10 months.



Whoda thunk some retired physician who caused quite a stink on the WPRP board (and has been proven to be precisely correct) would be influencing so many of us who have been subscribing to MF for all these years?

Absolutely, CONGRATULATIONS to you most of all Saul for creating a board with over 4000 posts!!!

We are all richer for it.