Just trying out the new MF system

Will post some new picks this weekend.


A few strong stocks to consider.
Seems like energy is the place to be.

(I still need how to drop in a spreadsheet to the posts.)

  1. |No.|Ticker|Company|Industry|||
  2. |—|—|—|—|—|—|
  3. |1|TNP| Tsakos Energy Navigation Limited|Oil & Gas Midstream|||
  4. |2|DINO| HF Sinclair Corporation|Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing|||
  5. |3|BSM| Black Stone Minerals, L.P.|Oil & Gas E&P|||
  6. |4|MRO| Marathon Oil Corporation|Oil & Gas E&P|||
  7. |5|APA| APA Corporation|Oil & Gas E&P|||
  8. |6|PTSI| P.A.M. Transportation Services, Inc.|Trucking|||
    Stock Screener - Overview PTSI,BSM,APA,DINO,TNP,MRO perfytd
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