Keeping the Communist Chinese out of VA

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s decision to halt plans for a $3.5 billion Ford Motor Co. battery plant over his concerns about Chinese influence cost one of the poorest areas of Virginia a reported 2,500 jobs with potential for more.

If Ford finalized the project, the plant would have gone in the Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill in Pittsylvania County. More than $200 million has been spent over 15 years to make Berry Hill a premier site and the largest publicly owned site in the Southeast. The plant would have built lithium iron phosphate batteries for Ford’s electric vehicles.


I’m from Richmond. I know that area is poor as dirt at a toxic waste dump.

Un-Berievable, those out of work coal miners would love to have that plant.


I mean what’s next from Yahoo Youngkin> For instance, the Cleveland Clinic decides to build a new campus there requiring all workers to mask up and be up to date on boosters, and this spooky man will see Bill Gates and Soros wanting to chip former voters who were Republicans, so he decides to put stupid pandering to the GQP over people needing better healthcare and jobs?

Republicans have got to get rid of these conspiracy theorists from their right, which is no longer fringe. Fringe is going mainstream.


That is just sad. Really, Really sad. But elections have consequences.