LA Times: Thinking of Qutting Twitter? Here's Everything You Should Know

Since Elon Musk became the owner of Twitter in late October, the company has been in chaos. Twitter laid off half its employees. Key executives were fired or quit. Advertisers pulled back, and federal regulators are hovering. Meanwhile, to test the new owner, extremists have spewed racist slurs and Na** memes and celebrity and corporate impersonator accounts have proliferated.

Some users have exited the platform over a variety of final straws, tweeting grim goodbye notes and directing their followers to alternative social media platforms where they can be reached. Others have said they will continue tweeting until the platform is obsolete. (Musk tweeted Sunday that user numbers have “increased significantly” since the acquisition was announced.)

Here is a guide to what to consider when making a decision on whether to leave the platform, and some potential alternative online communities, including fast-growing Mastodon.

I’m wondering why Twitter continues to receive so much news coverage. Shareholders got their cash. It is no longer an investment topic. The only financial aspect is will they go bankrupt and burn those who loaned money to the venture.

It’s a news topic; no longer an investment topic. (Or do you think Musk is likely to take it public soon? Probably not for a few years.)

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Sink The Musk!

Reminds me of “Sink The Bismarck!” The battleship was such a threat to Britain than they were willing to sink her at all costs.

You figure out who needs to Sink The Musk!

The Captain

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