LBYM Drugs on the old TMF Discussion Board

On the old system we had a board discussing ways to save cost on drugs. It was closed in 2017 but many of the suggestions may still be useful. Walmart has $4/month generics or 90 day supply for $10. And a list of covered drugs.

In my area many grocery stores have pharmacy departments. They matched the Walmart program.

[TMF: LBYM Drugs]
(TMF: LBYM Drugs)

Another old health board I found useful is Fools Under Pressure, specializing in high blood pressure. Closed in 2016.

Another one enjoyed by diabetics is Low Carb Way of Life. Closed in 2022.

The old posts are still available. Enjoy!!


How did you do that?

Are you enrolled in your practice’s Chronic Care Management program (* AS ADVERTISED *) on this and the LBYM board early September? As the only responses to my question took the form of opining that it was somehow “off topic” I decided to actually enroll as , following my own pushy efforts, I found that I actually did have issues that might be relevant…and that would be the best way to answer my own question.

As I suspected, it wasn’t really intended for folk such as myself whose chronic medical issues aren’t secondary to metabolic syndrome. In fact, it was really a bit annoying…a daily check in of stuff I don’t and don’t need to check every day and with no opportunity to customize the questions other than adjust frequency. The Chronic Care Manager and I agreed on the compromise of once a month.

Here’s the thing, there’s also a procedure code for something called “remote physiological monitoring” and I think this might have something to do with a CGM. Since I mentioned it yesterday, I was wondering if this might be of assistance for your self management.

Not sure what you mean by “that.”. I think just go to the old board and copy the link address.

Hmm…on my device, the old boards (the non financial boards…H&N, Running, Weight Training etc along with the ones you’ve mentioned) all disappeared even before the official switcheroo.

On my desktop with Chrome, the old Health and Nutrition board still comes up.–35097675.aspx

How odd. This link takes me to an “Ooops that page doesn’t exist” message …as do your others today. Not so yesterday when they showed up as normal.

Makes you think someone’s reading over your shoulder.

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Yes, I’m getting the oops message too. Big brother must be watching.

They’ve turned off access to the old boards. It’s November 30, and one of the dates that was floating around for when they were going to do that was the end of November. I guess they met that deadline.


Probably right. I seem to recall that, now you mention it. Still, it was a good conspiracy theory while it lasted.

Well, I was about to blame it (Oops) on my older browser (Safari 14), so it’s good to see it wasn’t that, but the ax falling, chunk by chunk… The others they did bring over, but I guess the (Closed) sign came to fruition… Sad…

Well, I guess the best way of dealing with the loss of boards that we perceived as helpful is to utilise what’s available and make that helpful to individual needs.

In that regard, the absolute best way of dealing with the high cost of drugs is assemble a line up of tools that were readily available on the non financial boards in order to either be proactive in preventing much of the need for many of the drugs that’re commonly prescribed or if it’s too late, mitigating/reducing the need. The sort of therapeutic lifestyle interventions that are mentioned briefly here…

…and in many posts I made on the H&N board over the years/decades and, more recently, on the LBYM board until someone deemed them “off topic” which is a bit of a hoot considering the high cost of healthcare related to preventable diseases.


FWIW, I am using CostPlus online pharmacy for some scripts. They don’t have every medication you can imagine, like Walgreens or CVS. But what they do have is cheap. My primary med was costing me ~$120 for 90 days. With CostPlus it’s only about $28.

I have a pharmacist friend who explained all that to me once, and I even posted what he said (I think on “caring for a parent”, but I am not sure now). I remember he said there was an “AWP” (the “P” was price, I forget what AW is), but he said among pharmacists it is “ain’t what’s paid”. Often that is the price you will see combined with the price you paid, and then “your insurance saved you…”. Mark Cuban apparently put a stop to all that, and his CostPlus uses TruePill, plus a small mark-up for profit, and there ya go. $28 instead of $120.

Don’t mean to sound like an ad. But if you want to save money on meds, and if CostPlus carries it, this is the best option I’ve found to date. Note that they carry ONLY generics. No brand. Which means my wife has to get hers elsewhere.