Another deleted post/thread post LBYM related

Over on LBYM, I posted a reply to a post about Fasting.
That whole thread was deleted as “Off Topic” for that board.
I posted the “explanation for why Fasting IS LBYM” that’s included below.

But, when I clicked Favorites and Replies, I noticed that there was no indicator of “new/unread” post. I clicked the LBYM board, the post is there, and was the “unread” color.
I waited a while to see what would happen.
The post is still there, but there is/was no “new/unread” post indicator under the “Favorite & Replies” tab, for LBYM

This prompts me to imagine that an auto/AI/algorithm is being used to spot “Off Topic for this Board” posts.
If so, how does a topic get reevaluated?

Explanation for why Fasting IS LBYM:…
I received a notice that the posts about Fasting are “off topic” for LBYM, therefore that thread was deleted.

But. Fasting IS LBYM.
Let me explain.

When I’m NOT Fasting, I spend about $100 per week, maybe a bit more, for eating at home. I spend another $50 per week (depends… it could be $100 if it’s multuple “supper” meals) per week eating out.

I just finished a 6 day Fast, and am eating a restricted calorie couple days.
That means, this week, I’m NOT spending $100 for meals at home. Nor the $50 for restaurant meals.

I’m SAVING a couple hundred bucks this month.

IF (Intermittent Fasting; 16/8, 18/6) and 5:2 Fasting are similar - if there is “portion control”, and LC (Low Carb).

The less one eats, the lower the food bill.

Is that LBYM?


I would also piont out that I’m also saving money on the incidental/impulse stuff that I’m NOT buying during a Fasting period.



One cannot sell a “fasting” investment product.
Sounds too much like “timing the market”.


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I suspect that TMF uses screening software for a variety of topics they want to avoid. That seems to include topics related to health and especially recent court decisions.

This is not the same as the screener that prevents posts containing words related to subjects like r@cism. This one seems to put posts in an auto FA routine. Reason given is often “off topic.”

Hi Ralph,

As stated in the deletion email, the original post was off topic so the whole thread was being cleaned up as a result. The original did not make any reference to LYBM, just a link to fasting so it was off topic. It wasn’t specific to your post but once the original post gets deleted, it’s not unusual to delete the rest of the thread because it no longer makes sense and stops the proliferation of potential off-topic replies.

I think you could repost and make your case as to why intermittent fasting is LBYM.

Jen Roberts
Boards Manager

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Thanks Jen.
I really appreciate you!


Over on LBYM, I posted a reply to a post about Fasting.
That whole thread was deleted as “Off Topic” for that board.

Hey Ralph. Don’t feel pregnant. My post replying to your post was deleted as well.

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Hi IAG. I saw your reply. “are you ??? me”. The ??? was a misspelling of a banned word/expression. I suspect that TMF is being more rigorous in deleting ‘banned’ language. It’s not personal, it’s just part of the ‘clean up the beaches’ campaign. :slight_smile:

Were you and I on the golf course, I’d give you a run for your money on who could speak in ways that would curl the Pope’s toenails.
But, here on TMF, such language is banned.

When I saw the your reply, I thought to myself “ooo… this one won’t last”.
So, I’m not surprised to see it disappeared.

Peace out! :slight_smile: