Lessons learned

I had started raising cash a while back. Still have almost 25 percent of my “Saul” port in cash.

I know it isn’t Saul’s way but I saved a ton of money on Ambien.

Today saw ZS on sale at 45, but I was running down the highway at 70 so I waited a while. Checked again, it was 48 and change. Before I could get the orders in it was 49.

Last time I was slow, and waited, I left 100 percent profit on the table.

This was a little different, I know enough about Zscaler that I might should have sold my furniture and bought every share I could get my hand on.

Oh, well.

Doubled the position size to about 12 percent of port.

Thanks to all for the input.

Probably should buy CRWD and AYX but too busy today.