Liberated Ukrainians Cheering Uke Troops

Scroll down to the second video to see liberated Ukrainian’s in the countryside of Kherson cheering their troops who just set them free of Russian occupation:

Newsweek headline: Ukrainians Cheer Russia’s Defeats After General Told Putin They Backed War


“My Twitter thread is filled with videos of Ukrainian warriors liberating their land and welcomed by cheering crowds. Too early to be too joyous, but momentum right now clearly on Ukraine’s side,” Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, tweeted Friday.

I doubt anybody knows how this war will turn out, but I’ve been cheering Ukraine and I’m glad they’re making progress.

How much more can each side commit to the fight? Ukraine is collecting supplies from the West, who haven’t been diligent to have adequate stocks of munitions. And Russia is now collecting supplies from the North Koreans, who may be chin deep in munitions… probably the best prepared country on the planet for non-nuclear ground war.

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