Logged out ...ish?

I keep two browser tabs open, one each to premium and free. Just recently, when I return to free, the sidebar menu has none of my customizations and I need to log in again to get my side bar. I say “log in”, but actually this is just clicking the log in button where the screen refreshes, but there is no prompt for login or password. Once refreshed, all is find. And I do refresh with the refresh button every time I come fresh to the tab.


We had to update the login settings the other day to refresh a bunch of members settings to allow for access to some new categories on the premium side. In general, as long as you access the sites daily, it should keep you logged in but we’re monitoring it.


Just happened to me again. It is weird the way it works since not only does it not prompt me for anything when I click on log in, but before I click, there is a list of tags on the menu which have no relationship to me, i.e., as if they are someone else’s set.


I keep getting the log on too - I just click on it and am logged into the sites - strange


What I find particularly weird is the side menu … and yes, I had to click log in this morning again. Before I click, the side menu looks like this

but afterward it looks like this

whose menu is that first one? … it isn’t a default since it has a number of tags. And, this is only happening to me on the free site, not the premium.

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I noticed that the last week or two the fool kicks me off as well. Seems like they made a change…doc


I am having to click “Log in” multiple times per day.

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Yep me too - kind of annoying however no big deal

Yeah, it’s annoying. I agree. I’m playing with the settings to see if we can find a balance between how we need to authenticate people and not having to click that darn Log In button too often.

Do you have any insight into what shows up on the sidebar before one hits Log In?

The categories are a default set by us - to ensure the New Site Help and Feedback category is on the sidebar for any new user.

The tags look wonky - I’ll have to investigate.

I’ve only had to log in one extra time, but it might be worth noting that:

  1. I had not logged into TMF in ages. It always remembered me.
  2. I was reading the Premium side of these boards. No problems.
  3. I clicked on Switch to free.
  4. It made me log in for the free side. The same ID and password that were already logged in on the Premium side.
  5. Since then I have stayed logged in on both sides for at least a day or two.

For this website, I let the browser add the log in information so I don’t have to type it in everytime - not that I remember the password anymore LOL…doc


For all but my most important passwords (banks, investments, email) I did that years ago. And for most I have it generate impossible crazy passwords, which is both easier and more secure than what I can come up with from my head.

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