Looking at Xi meeting Trudeau again

This is one Japanese press report that really mistrusts Xi.

The actual footage of the meeting between Xi and Trudeau shows a calmer unangry Xi running away as fast as he can from Trudeau when the topic of free speech comes up.

Xi is a coward. All cowards are against free speech. Xi is a mass murderer and torturer. Xi is a bigot. Above all he is in ept in our system of governance. There is no respectable way in reality of squaring that even in his control over China.

The body language and the words “there are things we will disagree on”. That is a scary notion to Xi. Totally afraid of disagreement. Conflict. The two Chinese men Xi and his translator backed off physically. Trudeau stood over him moving his body into Xi’s space. Xi begged off saying lets create the conditions and then raised his hand to shake and move away fast. Trudeau finished this business. Trudeau is not at all inept with power.

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Why would Xi fear “on somethings we will disagree”?

In China if the public could disagree with Xi the Chinese public would end Xi’s life.