The Western Cartel

Putin meeting with Modi and yesterday with Xi, both men are saying no more war in Ukraine.

What does that mean businesswise? Turns out both men are admonishing Putin.

I call that leveraging Putin to pay even less for the oil.…

What is really interesting for the incredibly bigoted in Russia…Xi and Modi, China and India, are in effect much more powerful than Putin and Russia. I have a love for a bigoted Russian being on the short end of a stick. I think the Chinese and Indian public would agree.

Worse for Russia, while both men are saying this sort of war is a thing of the past both nations are arming. Russia only kind of says it has an army. In the field it has a soft thing like butter melting on a hot plate in the sun.

If this war was over tomorrow Europe would never trust Russia for supplies again. It would not be business as usual. It really necessitates Putin being replaced.

Should we start a pool? How long will Putin live?