March 3 - TBs Update

Todays Stuff:

  1. Sold SNOW TB - opened on 3/2 at 133.50 and sold today at 142.28 for a 1 day gain of +6.57%

  2. Sold MDB TB - opened on 3/2 at 198.42 and sold today at $218.24 for a 1 day gain of +9.98% gain.

  3. Added a 10% TB to ZS at 118.22.

All the Best,


Update to the Update:

Yesterday I cut GLBE from the roster and replaced them with BILL with a mid-Bench level position which I am thinking was too aggressive. Given that BILL is roaring back today I have decided to lop off a TB size chunk (10% of the core) and book a nice one day gain of +7.25%.