Trading Blocks Added

Added the following Trading Blocks today:

  1. SNOW - Added at 138.75

  2. BILL - Added at 101.81

  3. DDOG - Added at 67.34

  4. NET - Added at 43.97

  5. CRWD - Added at 98.47

  6. S - Added at 13.90

  7. GLBE - Added at 24.76

  8. MDB - Added at 182.04

Drained the cash bucket down to about 1/3 and just took my beating on the rest.

All the Best,


Update: Sold MDB TB at 197.60 for a one day gain of +8.54%

My current Game Plan calls for adding to MDB anytime it breaks below 190.

All The Best,


Champ -

Thanks for being so transparent with this strategy. After following along here, I’ve been doing something similar the past year or so. I added yesterday as well, though only used shares for DDOG (added at 67.20 and had a limit sell order fill at 70.25 a few hours later). With BILL, SNOW, NET, and TTD I sold puts that I’d have no problem taking the shares. As it is, it looks like I might get a chance to rinse and repeat this morning if the pre-market green holds.

To your point, it all starts with being willing hold the shares as part of your allocation until we see the rise.

Thanks again for sharing.


Hi SN:

You know - I never thought of just going ahead and creating limit Sell orders at the time of TB purchase. Would work great for me as I sleep in a lot (usually after a night of a lot of wine) and sometimes miss peak gains (PGs).

Thanks for that!

All the Best,

You’re welcome. It certainly makes things easier than watching price action all day. I usually just say “Meh, I’d take that if I can get it”, then put the order in. I do the same in reverse with limits to start trading blocks or sell puts on days we drift down. Sometimes they fill, sometimes they don’t. Regardless, limits certainly help with taking what the market gives you. You’re simply pre-deciding what you’re willing to accept.

Sometimes, like DDOG yesterday, both ends fill the same day. Easy peasy.


It really makes the back end of the TB strategy easier: just set and forget. But it also limits the upside and eliminates some decision making along the way. Overall a much better component to the process in my very humble opinion and perfect for folks perhaps thinking about giving it a try.

Wish I had been smart enough to think it up on my own.

All the Best


Thumbs all up to you for the initial idea and Stocknovice for the bonus tip