Portfolio TB Status Update

Last week during the awfully, really, really bad hyper scary sell-off I added the following Trading Blocks:

  1. SNOW currently Positive +16.7%

  2. DDOG Currently positive +9.58%

  3. ZS Currently Positive +11.07%

  4. CRWD Currently Positive +12.68%

5)S Currently positive +21.71%

  1. MELI Currently positive +15.38%

  2. NET Currently positive +14.71%

Additionally the two adds I made:

GTLB is up +21%

MDB is up +13.47

Now all of this looks like I really made some decent decisions; however, if the stock market turns against me these gains will vanish rapidly and I will have been really, really stupid to violate my own TB rules by not selling them on Friday. Life is funny that way: Here today - Gone Tomorrow.
First you go wet - then you go dry: first you live - then you die. And so on and so on.

Note: You cannot time the market so don’t try with core positions!

All the Best,