April Performance Summary

By any reasonable viewpoint April was evidently out of bubble gum.

The portfolio lost -8.6% for the month and landed squarely at -28.4% for the year. Oddly enough, I am reasonably solaced - at least to some minor degree, with that number, given that the market - as well as the economy, appears to be in rapidly declining meltdown mode.

On Thursday I sold a bunch of Trading Blocks in the usual suspects and then on Friday the bottom fell out and I again got lucky: what kind of lucky remains to be seen. Normally…I would have used Friday’s blowout to pile right back into all the Trading Blocks I had just sold; however, on this particular Friday I had some business appointments all day and simply wasn’t available to act on the drop. How that turns out will determine what sort of luck I actually had: If the market continues to plummet I will call it DGL - and re-enter the sold TBs at better prices; on the other hand, should the market miraculously pound aggressively higher I will call it DBL and simply wait for other opportunities albeit with one small caveat.

Here are the monthly and YTD totals for 2022:

Jan: -26.9%
Mar: +1.8
…YTD -28.4%

The current portfolio roster:


  1. DDOG

  2. BILL

  3. ZS

  4. S - Promoted late in the month to Starter from Bench

  5. MNDY - Demoted to Bench currently Starting

B) The Bench

  1. SNOW - sold at $221 and some change and added back to The Bench at $175.

  2. UPST - promoted from Scout Team

  3. MELI

C) Scout Team

  1. GLBE


Cash 18%

All the Best,


I bought TBs of BILL, DDOG, and ZS awhile back when you bought BILL and ZS.

They kept dropping, darn. Letting them rode.


Hi MSlob:

I am holding a TB on BILL that was up a little over 1.5% Before Friday and now at a -5.5%. If it stays down or drifts lower I might pick up another one.

Same for ZS - was slightly positive and after Friday its showing -4.5%.

We’ll see how the weeks goes.

All the Best,

Hi Champ,

I guess it could be worse.

Hey! Wait a minute, it is worse. I just tested positive on my pre-flight covid test. I had to cancel trip to Portugal and $2k 8-day ebike ride down the coast on the Camino de Santiago.




Dang MSlob:

Sorry to hear that.

Hope its a very light case and you recover quickly.

All the Best,

Sorry to hear that.

Hope its a very light case and you recover quickly.

No symptoms. I did 40 burpees yesterday and and today. Heck, not even healthy people do those.

Waiting to pull a negative PCR out of my hat so we can do the Paris part of the trip/


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I hope you get the negative test soon.
I tested positive at the end of a long cruise before we could catch our return flight to the US and
ended up spending a week in a COVID - Hotel / Prison in Italy.
Good luck