Portfolio Update - 2/6

For all the folks who might consider using some Trading Blocks to juice their performance results I shot a short video in my backyard showing the difference between people with a LTBH mindset who add a stock to their portfolio and then passively watch it occasionally - vs - people who combine LTBH core positions with strategic movement/action to take advantage of market conditions:


As for an update:

Subsequent to the BILL CC I thought I might sleep on the situation before reacting. But the more I thought about it I decided to sell out during After hours. And I did for $103.00; however, I had a change of heart and bought back in the next day at $94.35. BUT - only a Bench level position. Good move/Bad move - I have no idea but time will tell. The thing that bothered me was of course the slow down in Revenue Growth. After all - we invest in growth stocks and a stock without grow or with iffy flagging growth isn’t a growth stock. Or is it? What balanced my thinking was that the increase in the bottom line performance was really good. And in the end that swayed me back in. Such as I am.

Opened Trading Blocks as follows:

Snow - at $157.91

NET - at 56.73

MDB - at 217.20

Other stuff:

Promoted GLBE to Bench status at 29.81

Added TMDX to the portfolio at 66.27 with a Scout Team position. Hesitated to do it after its run-up but it didn’t seem all that anxious to cooperate in the process. Did leave room for additional shares if it nose dives.

Based on all the chatter about growth about to be carpet bombed further not all that sure I didn’t take all this action a little too soon. You know - just a little too soon.

All the Best,


I’ve mostly moved out of those super duper software stocks.

Still own BILL… a miniscule amount. Might sell even that to buy other stuff I like (as mentioned below).
Sold most of my GLBE today. I figure there is a good future there, but I like other stuff better.

So… what DO I like?

TSLA. A bunch (as a percent of my portfolio) of it. I used to own an imprudent amount… now, with the recent rise in price… it’s a tad insane, which fits my style I suppose. And that’s one reason why I’m up 40%+ since early January. Shares and calls.

TMDX. Not nearly as much as TSLA but still a bunch. This looks REALLY good to me… subject to them pleasing me greatly each quarter. As with anything… I won’t hesitate to take them out back and shoot them if they mess up… or if I find something better.

SMCI. Mostly a commodity biz, but I’m impressed by the numbers, including the quarter they just reported. Still seems stupid cheap to me… or maybe it’s just me that’s stupid… jury is still out on that.

ARRY. Seems too cheap compared to 2023 expectations. I think I’ll be trimming it a bit so I can put some $$ into some ENPH… which is starting to look attractively cheap.

UPST. I lost more money in this one than my current total wealth. An interesting trip. I’m waiting for the upcoming report before deciding to get into it again. Nice options premiums here.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


Hi Rob:

Hope you and your family are well.

Thanks for mentioning ARRY - it’s got the Rev Gro but there are so many solar companies out there you almost have to have a Solar Skill Set or basic knowledge as well as a compass to get them all sorted out, Any recommendation for site/guru who follows Solar? Might be a good candidate for Scout Team for me so there’s that.

Congrats on your YTD performance!

All the Best,

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I mentioned that I was thinking about reducing ARRY and buying ENPH. I did that today in one account (selling ARRY shares and buying ENPH shares)… and I’ll finish it tomorrow in a different account (selling the rest of the ARRY shares and buying ENPH calls). That leaves me with just ARRY Jan25 $17.5 & $20 calls. Basically, I concluded ARRY has good potential… but ENPH is a no brainer. Up around 6% after hours. My thinking is that I’d like the ENPH excitement to wear off… than shift into selling ENPH calls just a few days from expiry. Doing the short term calls seems to work out fairly well… not much profit each week, but over time it starts adding up.

As for a solar guru, I have zero suggestions. Since the change with the boards, the Fool seems more like a bombed out city than a living city and it seems like a lot of people are missing. Too bad…

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.