Market Disconnect

Between today’s loss of $3300 and another $5500 loss (as I type this) in after hours trading, we don’t seem to be the normal safe haven we’re used to being.

Any thoughts to the relative weakness at this time?


Nothing meaningful.

Two possible views:

Market prices fluctuate. They don’t correlate well with value on short to medium time scales.

Financials and energy are down a lot today, most of the rest of the market is up.
Most trading is in funds these days, so Berkshire gets dragged down with those groups.
The only other sector down was semiconductors, not an issue for Berkshire.



While I’m a long supporter of Jim’s methodology of buying/selling/holding Berkshire I would suggest to others a study of historical Berkshire vs. Mr. Market price variance/deviations (whatever you want to name it) if you think now is something outrageously special. The odd behavior of these “lines” can get a lot more meaningful.

Does it matter in the long run? No, it doesn’t, things just passing by. But if you are in the game of overloading on Berk shares remember Jim is stable and rational, prices are more opportunity than threatening.

I’m not affected and to some degree enjoy watching the game. Wasn’t long ago that this board was about 90% grievance as to Berkshire’s stock price lag.


Any thoughts to the relative weakness at this time?

Waiting is killing me. I wish it could get to $200 like tomorrow and I can go ahead and buy and be done with it. Unfortunately, the price is drip, drip, drip… so I will have to wait for $200, which I will.

After all if you cannot exercise price discipline, then you have not learned anything from WEB

PS: completely ignore that I have bought some at $280.

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BRKB is largest component of XLF ETF

Algos in charge