Masks no longer required...…

I was at CVG last Friday helping a handicap person get to their flight and got a gate pass. Mask usage once in the terminal was under 50% even with the mandate. The flight was delayed for 2.5 hours and we moved to a gate that didn’t have a flight and NO ONE in that area was wearing a mask. I didn’t see anyone complaining about someone near them not wearing the mask.

Face covering usage increased to near 100% once everyone was crowded around the gate. I say “face covering” as many were wearing the masks that are known to be ineffective and many were not wearing them properly (mostly nose uncovered). Again, no complaints that I saw about wearing masks properly.

Travel safe, John

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We’ll see what happens. No one enjoys wearing them, especially for 8+ hrs. I’ve been sick since Friday with what appears to be a nasty cold. I took a covid test and that was negative. I haven’t had a cold since pre-covid so I forgot how annoying they can be.

Mask wearing in a lot of places was questionable at best. What I don’t understand is that at work we haven’t had to wear masks since early March, but people who weren’t wearing them correctly then, are still wearing them incorrectly. Or those that continue to wear a less effective cloth mask instead of something more useful.