May Performance Summary and Stuff

May was a very good month for a lot of our portfolios. My core port generated +23.7% gains while TBs and short term trades chipped in another 3.1% for a total gain for the month of +26.8%. Here is how it all stacks up YTD:

________________. YTD +38.7%

Here is the current Roster:


  1. MNDY
  2. BILL
  3. GLBE
  4. Sentinel
  5. Currently Vacant

B) The Bench

  1. TTD
  2. ZS

C) Scout Team

  1. ENPH
  2. IOT
  3. AEHR
  4. PLTR
  5. UPST

In-Depth Portfolio commentary: May Been Berry Berry Good to me!

I’ll try to add a little more mission critical color In the June Starting Gate post that normally should follow the April Performance Summary post immediately; but which, seldom does largely due to all sorts of other stuff that always seems to interfere. In the meanwhile do this: go over to Saul’s board and for all the companies that we might share on portfolios read his stuff. For companies in the portfolio not in Saul’s list check out Bear for his commentary: now if neither Bear nor Saul have them I suppose we are screwed unless we can find some other reputable poster there who does in fact have them in their portfolio. If all else fails I will just have to make up something over the next few days - or - you could just make up your own commentary and post it here so I don’t have to. That would be swell!

All the Best,
BDH Investing