Maybe OT? I'm not sure

So our particular corner of the investing universe is suffering a notable retreat. Not the end of the world, no reason to sell, the cheaper the better for long-term returns. I’m in, I get it.

At the same time, I’m sort of sad I only have ~6% in cash (growing by the day with no action on my part) to deploy into the right, best choices as things go ‘on sale.’ My choices, I get it, yadda yadda.

All these fabulous companies getting kicked in the stock price, er, corrected, where they’re still up a bit over some (price anchored purchase) price, and still outstanding companies, just hold. Hold?

I guess I answered my own question – the alternative is to sell for cash or consolidation into fewer excellent, down-in-share-price-today companies. Maybe that’s my answer – sell a few lower-conviction companies at lesser profit or loss, and double down on an even more concentrated future.

My first run with a ‘consolidated portfolio.’ Used to be I’d see a mix of red and green. Now it’s all green or all red. Today was the most red I’ve ever seen, ~6%. Sets me back a serious chunk, if still a touch green for the year after my transition to the 'fast-growing SaaS, aka ‘Saul-like’ choices I’ve made.

Without new money I guess the best answer is hold. Suffer the beating, emerge a stronger investor. Sorry for the OT. Glad to find the board and make your acquaintance.